It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming all of you to the Godrej Eon Tour De India 2014™, a historic multi city cycling event in India.

This event has been conceptualized to promote the cause of cycling, the best exercise to stay fit & healthy is the one we can, and will do every day. Even a small amount of cycling everyday can bring significant health benefits, including better cardio-vascular fitness, improved balance and co-ordination and reduce stress. Cyclists tend to have fewer illnesses and live longer.

One can ride a bicycle almost anywhere, at any time of the year, and at low cost. Little or no time is lost, as one can use a bicycle and travel to work, perform errands, or enjoy the outdoors. In India, a cycle is a primary means of transport for many, especially in rural areas, hobby for several and means of medical activity for the aged.

Name - Dr. Akil Khan   Designation - Chairman of ID Sports Pvt Ltd

“Tour De India will perpetrate potential cycling superstars of tomorrow by providing them with a platform and an opportunity to develop their inherent talent into a real-life profession*. *We look forward to celebrate an exciting season each year with increased participation and great congruence of talent."

Name - Dr. Shakil Khan   Designation - Vice Chairman of ID Sports Pvt Ltd

"Cycling has been close to my heart as I remember my 5 AM cycling sessions from Cuffe Parade to Bandra and then having breakfast at Cafe Coffee Day on Carter Road. It was a blissful joy and to thus, promote this healthy passion is now a privilege and I urge all of you to live your passion by participating in this initiative."

Name - Mr. Vaibhav Maloo   Designation - Managing Director of ID Sports Pvt Ltd


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