Techniques and Terminologies

Brain bucket – A jargon for Bicycle Helmet
Cadence/RPM – Rate at which rider pedals per minute (revolution per minute)
Drafting – A technique used by cyclist to conserve their energy and sustain higher speeds for longer distances/time, by following the rear wheel of the rider in the front and save him/her self from taking the wind directly. This technique is believed to save up to 30% of rider’s energy.
Pull – Taking the turn to lead the group/bunch and setting the tempo in the front of the group/bunch.
Peloton /Bunch – Riders riding in a Group
Positioning in the Bunch – Finding the sweet spot in the bunch, which will allow the rider to either get maximum drafting advantage or a position s/he may get advantage to attack/counter attack or go for the final sprint effort.
Blocking –Rider/s of one team who set a relatively slow pace at the front of the bunch to control the speed of the bunch more often to the advantage of one of the team mates who may be in a break away.
Getting Caged/Boxed – It’s a position in the bunch where the rider is blocked by other riders in the bunch, because, of which it makes it difficult to respond to attacks or sprints.
Counter Attacks – An Attach that is made after an attach or when break away is caught by the chase group/peloton
Break Away – Distancing out from the bunch, increasing the possibilities of wining the race.
Primes – These are intermediate points in the race, riders crossing them 1st/2nd/3rd are awarded for Wining the Prime.
Lead Group – Riders who have distanced them selves from the peloton.
Chase Group – Group of riders to close the gap from the break away group.
Sprints – An all out effort to hit the maximum speed to cross the line, usually in the last 200-300 meters before the line (finish/prime)
Bunch Sprint – Riders arriving to the finish line in massive number to contest for the win. Speed may range between 60kms to 80kms.
Drop – To be dropped is to be left behind a break away or the peloton for whatever the reason, usually because rider can not sustain the speed required to stay with the bunch/group.
Crack – When rider/s runs out of strength/energy and is not able to keep up with the bunch/race.
Bonk /Hitting the Wall – To Run out of energy completely
Neutral Zone – After the race is flagged off initial few kilometers might be neutral zone, riders aren’t allowed to overtake the official vehicle leading the bunch, while riders also get to warm up. Race Officially starts after the neutral zone is over.
Domestique – We can also call them work horses, a rider whose job is to support and work for rider/s in their team, does all the hard work to from maintaining high tempo in the lead, giving a lead out for the sprinter in the team, getting feeding hydration from the team car, etc.., these riders are great team players sacrificing their chances to Win many a times.
Commissarie – A race judge
Broom Wagon – A support vehicle following the bunch which may carry equipments, food, riders luggage/mechanics and may also pick up riders who have Hit the Wall and are unable to continue the race.


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