Cycling Race

There are various kind of Cycle Races primarily categorized as

  • ROAD
  • MTB
  • BMX  

All the above mentioned categories are with various sub categories as well.

Godrej Eon – Tour de India - Cyclothon being a ROAD RACING EVENT, we will try to walk you through different type of Road Racing

Mass Start

This is the form of racing that we all possibly know of, participants are all gathered at the starting point and race gets flagged off, participants complete for the Race distance with the same finish line.
Participants are ranked in the order they cross the finishing line.

Participants are ranked in the order they cross the finishing line.

To be successful in this race riders will need to be tactful and surely will have to be in the right place at the right time and increase the possibility of Wining the event.

Criterium – CRIT

Its similar to mass starts, however, it differs on how riders are scored to be awarded as Winners.
This is a race conducted on short circuit, Race length is determined either by the total distance or by total time; which gets calculated as the race progresses, usually race time is about an hour.

CRIT will comprise of intermediate primes, first four riders are awarded points based in the order they cross the line. Last Lap usually earns double the points. Points earned by the rider are totaled up and compared. Rider will than be awarded based on the total points earned.

This form of racing though short can be of high intensity and action packed, this is highly technical and tactical race which spectators can enjoy being on one place, by seeing the rider crossing them many times.

ITT – Individual Time Trial

In this form of racing riders left individually at an interval between 30secs to 5mins. Riders will compete individually by trying to cover the total distance in fastest possible time.

Aerodynamics will play a vital role, hence, majority of the times will be using a specially designed bike, along with deep section wheel (front) and Disc wheel (rear), Skin suits, aero bars, aero helmets and over socks, etc., to maximize their aerodynamic advantage.
It takes years to master the skill of time trial deliver best performance.
This form of racing is earned this nick names like “Race against the Clock”, “Race of the Truth”, etc..


Similar to ITT – Individual Time Trial, Teams are left at an interval of 30secs to 5mins, teams will try covering the distance in the fastest possible time. Team may comprise a minimum of 4 riders to a maximum of 8 riders, incase of Four rider team – 3rd rider crossing the line is considered as Team Time. To be successful in this format apart from aerodynamics, teams rely on coordination among riders, drafting skills, and will put hours of training and hard work to get team coordination right at high speeds!!  



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